OMG! Lady Killed By Husband Four Months After Marriage.


According to a facebook user with name “Ezinne laura idika”. A young lady of 24 years Gloria Onyedikachi Odinma, have been murdered by her husband four months after their marriage.

In her words, she wrote “Last week, I was discussing with a young lady and the next thing she said was “nothing makes a man happier than when he wants to beat you ,you run and beg him as he hits you. It makes him feel like a man”. I looked at her in pity, it’s a pity she had reduced herself to a punching bag …

Some women see domestic violence as a norm despite all our preaching about the disadvantages and evilness of domestic violence.
Others get married to an abuser because of desperation, so they lower their standard and marry a wild animal.

It’s most likely that the signs were glaring, maybe she loved him too much and preferred pain and torture to letting go. Or maybe he hid his animalistic character from her and she is only a victim of circumstance

Whatever the case is ,I pray she gets the justice she deserves and rest in peace.
24years old Beautiful Gloria Onyedikachi Odinma, Killed by her husband, four months after they got married.

End domestic violence …

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