Benue State Tribal Leaders Kicks Against Federal Government Proposed Ranching in The State.




The Benue state tribal leader under the aegis of Mel zough u Tiv(MUT),idoma National forum and Omi Ny’igede have recently objected the federal government’s proposed plan to set up cattle ranching in some states in the country,which Benue was among the listed states.The tribal leaders forsees this as a ploy, to give out Benue land to the killer Herdsmen.In there statement,signed by Chief Edward Ujeg ,President General Md zough u Tiv,Barr,Amali Odoya Amali,President idoma national forum and comrd,Ben okpa,President General,Omi Nyi’igede,believes that cattle rearing is a private business in the world, and in nigeria should be treated as one.There statement reads..

“Our attention has been brought to a publication in several national dailies,concerning the establishment of pilot cattle ranches in 10 states of the country,which includes Benue.the proposed project which has a 10 year plan is estimated to gulp N179 billion and N70 is to be sourced  by the federal government to commence the project.

While we appreciate the position of the federal government to accept Ranching as the global best method of animal husbandry,which has been our position in Benue state,we reject the idea of the federal government to use public funds to construct ranches for a private business of cattle rearing.we wish to state that cattle rearing remains a private business in the world and Nigeria in particular,just like crop farming and such be treated as such.There is a law on open grazing prohibition and ranches establishment enacted by the Benue state government,and the law makes explicit provision for those intrested in the business of rearing cattle to come forward,acquire lands and build ranches.these herders will also have to abide by the terms and conditions of the land acquisition,and the host communities will also have a sense of belongining.


“As we reaffirm our support and stance for this law and all its provision,we view the attempt of the federal government, to build ranches for herders in our state as grand plan to grab our lands and give to the herdsmen in the name of ranches.

“we wish to also reitterate our earlier call on the federal government to arrest snd prosecute the leadership of Miyetti Allah,Kaultal Hore for there complicity in the benue killings.if these people are not arrested and interrogated for threatening to invade our communities and carrying out their threats,we will continue to treat both the federal government and our killers as one.

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