Atiku Gives Reasons Why Buhari Should Be Voted Out…


In his statement”i urge Nigerians to vote out buhari and vote in  Atiku Abubakar in 2019 for a better country and restoration of sanity to human life”.The Atiku Abubakar campaign organisation lamented on the need for the present government to be voted out in the coming 2019 election.

The campaign further pointed out on the clamoured  “Change Agenda”which was initially thought to represent a change indeed in the country,but has brought about a drastic increase in the level of poverty,incessant further condemned the latest massiacre of innocent Nigerians, and how the federal government had failed to meet the aspiration of the people,and thereby does not deserve a second term.

Dr Fresh Onuoha,the National co-ordintor of the group told Newsmen on monday that “Atiku is the answer for the 2019 campaign to restore the failed current government.

He further pointed out on how human lives are no longer respected,as people now waste lives anyhow in  disguise of the Herdesmen,while government watches without a solution,the untold hardship and poverty an average Nigerian faces, and sectors of the country.The present government have indeed failed the people.

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