Pastor Murders A Prostitute For Money Rituals…


A 45 years old pastor,of the Voice of Cannaan Church,Cherubim and Seraphim,Azui okene in Kogi state was recently nabbed following allegations of the  murder of a commercial sex worker  for money rituals.

Pastor Olusegun Okene upon interrogation,confessed to the killing of Mercy Moses at Hollywood Hotel in Azui Community.Otaru confessed to have learnt the act of money rituals from his master at Ogun state,some years back.He further added that the Mercy’s murder was his third attempt which yielded no result.

Otaru,added that the murder was aided by three other pastors,Samuel Olusegun,Yakubu Abdulmumini and one Stephen,who had a major assignment of luring prostitutes to hotels.The two accomplice were nabbed by the police and they confessed to strangling Mercy in a hotel,and thereafter had sex with her dead body so as to avert any form of spiritual attack from the deceased,before she was butchered into different parts for  easy operation.

The police recovered the body of the deceased which included Head,legs and other body parts.The police assured that the ritualists will surely be persecuted and made to pay for their crimes.

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