3 Herdesmen Caught,Paraded By The Military.


The Military,paraded three suspects in connection with the weekends killings in the 11 villages in plateau state,alongside their various weapons.

Two of the arrested suspects were Herdesmen and the other was believed to be Berom- one of the minority ethnic groups in plateau.-currently at odds with fulani herdesmen over grazing rights.The three were said to have been captured at Gashish district in Barkin Ladi,by the special military task force”Operation Save Heaven”which paraded them alongside 14 other suspects.

The spokesman of the STF,Maj Umar Adams ,told reporters that the suspects Were arrested,clutching sophisticated Riffles.Adams said that the suspects were arrested in the course of another attack,and connection with the attack on some villages in Barkin Ladi.

An Ak47 and three other locally made guns,were collected from the suspects,while the 14 other were arrested in connection to civil unrest in the state.

The Group’s executive secretary Mr Olajeugbesi Pelumi,in his statement on wednesday in Abuja,prayed for the affected homes.in his statement

“Something Urgent must be done to address the continous killings of innocent men and women nationwide.

“There is yet a nation to save and it is a collective duty of all to see new ways to address the fatal challenge before us.

Pelumi,called on the federal government,to be more responsive to its duty of protecting lives and properties.


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