The July 1st Ban Of Motorcycles In Anambra.


downloadThe Anambra state government,have recently placed a ban on the use of motorcycles popularly known as “Okada”in Awka and Onitsha respectively.

The commissioner for Transport ,Mr uchenna okafor, restates that the enforcement of the order on the ban of motorcycle in the state still remains the July 1.This was made known at a meeting with the leaders of the Motorcycle Transport Union of Nigeria(MTUN).

Okafor further explained that the ban was due to security concerns expressed by the residents of the state,Where hideous crimes were being perpertuated by motorcycles.He further said that security operatives have been mobilized to apprehend any motorcycle being used within the town.He explained that the government had disbursed 1,000 shuttle buses for distribution to the commercial cyclists through the Anambra state small business agency.

“The vehicles will be distributed to those affected by the new governments decision to make sure they have alternative means of livelihood.the 1,000 distributed shuttle buses,had a value of N750,000,and each beneficiary is mandated to make an initial N100,000 payment upon collection of the buses.

However,the government has organised a week training programme for the riders in collaboration with the FRSC and vehicle inspection Officer and all successful trainees will be granted full access to the buses and allow to ply the roads.

The National and state officers of the (MTUN)begged for the extension of the ban From July 1 to January 2019.

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