“The Tears Of Wazobia”…



Nigeria my father land,Nigeria the giant of Africa,Nigeria a country so loved and blessed by God.Nigeria my unique country.Nigeria a Nation of Icons and Hardworking people.

Nigeria a resilient country,A country known for its high cultrural,linguistic,religious,political forms,our presence has always been felt in every African state,from the tip of kilmanjaro to the sand of sahara.our music and film industry have been the choice entertainment in many countries,our local pidgin,has been adopted across the continent,our religious influence have been talked about in other continents,our nation has been influential in securing the independence of some countries,and maintaining peace in other nations,we have achieved a feat,which no nation in Africa has achieved.


Why have our love for one another grown so cold,Why have we decided to make the labours of our compatriots to be in vain,Why have we resolved to blood shed,why have we given in to hate and contempt,Why have our greed and quest for power costs us the lives of our Fathers,mothers,sisters,brothers and our children.Why have we forgotten so soon about “WAZOBIA”.

We can all make it happen,lets unite, love ourselves,and make a country the best place to live in.



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