Imsu Final year Student Arrested For Allegedly Slicing Man’s Penis


A final year student of imo state university was arrested for Cutting off a man’s penis in owerri imo state.

The incident happened at Douglas road,owerri.According to an eye witness,the girl called the guy to come pick her up at her hostel in imsu,the guy picked her up and took her to his place,after having their best time sexually,around 4:am in the morning,the suspects took a knife and cut off the guy’s manhood.the guy woke up and raised an alarm,which invited friends and neighbours,he was rushed to the hospital immediately where he was stiched up,and a bill of 300k was given to them.The girl was asked to make the payment,which she accepted and asked them to follow her make the withdrawal at fidelity bank,on getting to the bank,the girl refused withdrawing the money,thereby attracting alot of crowd which gathered and when she was interrogated,she accepted commiting the act.

she opened up that the alleged vicitim was supposed to pay her N6,000 for the night,but he refused giving her the money,Angrily she now attacked the man and cut off his penis.she pleaded that it was the devil’ Work.

She was thereby handed over to the police,who intervened at the scene of the incident.


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