Man Sees Ghost of Dead Wife,Leaving With Another Man In Lagos.


Mr Okechukwu James Uwa,who hails from Ezzagbo,Ebonyi State reportedly fainted on seeing his dead wife with another man in lagos.

Mr Okechukwu,explained that he travelled to lagos on 27th to meet his bossom friend,who once lived with him in Aba,while parading along oshodi road,he stumbled on his wife who died two years ago.”My wife died two years ago in a ghastly motor accident,and has been long buried, i was so surprised when i saw her been conveyed by another man on his byke.At first i thought i wasnt seeing clearly,until i summoned courage to call her,and she immediately disappeared on seeing me.

The other man who was carrying the woman,fainted twice and when he was resuscitated,he explained that the Lady had been living with him for the past eight months,that they met in a church programme,after he approached her that he loved her and would want to marry her.the lady told him that she was from Ebony State,but she leaves alone in lagos.The man further explained that he had asked her severally about going to meet her people,but she purely rejected it,with the excuse that her people were bad.and wouldnt want him to meet them now…

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