Awka Will Surely Be Modelled In Dubai..


The Anambra state governor,Chief Willie Obiano,has a noble intention of making the state capital,the best in the country.He has adopted the United Arab Emirates(UAE) top city,Dubai as a model for the development of the state capital.

The state government have recently embarked on the massive face lift in the city,which was accompanied by the demolition of various shanties and unauthorized buildings in the state.

The Mananging Director of (ACTDA)Awka City Territory Development Authority,Mr Okwuosa Amaechi,spoke with journalists on behalf of the state governor during the demolition of several sections of the Agu Awka,Amansea,Ogbugbankwa junction and Club road,all within the capital city,where the demolished structures were deemed illegal.

ACTDA is an agency of the state government,charged with the mandate of building a world class capital city in the state.Okwuosa,added that most demolished shanties were either built on drainage channels or under high tension wires,which posed a great risk to the residents of the state.He said”there is an existing federal law against building under high tension wires due to radiation and other hazards associated with it,and other environment challenges in the state,as a result of people blocking water channels by building on top of it.

“The adminstration of governor Willie Obiano does not condone illegality of any kind.The government aims to improve the standards of living as well as keep the residents safe,by bringing residents to confirm with the safety standards of the state.

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