Yoruba youth Reacts To “Miyetti Allahs” Claim-All Lands In Nigeria Belongs To the Fulani’s.


The president of the (YYSA) yoruba youth socio-cultural Association.Olalekan Hammed, reported to punch in osogbo on sunday that the federal government’s decision of acquiring lands for building of ranches for Herdesmen would cause a serious crisis in the future.

This statement was issued following the “Miyetti Allahs” claim that all lands in Nigeria belongs to the fulani.He forsees this act to lead to a very serious crises in the country in future.His statement reads…

“The federal government should not  acquire lands for them in the yoruba land.

“If the fulani Herdesmen wants to buy land for their livestock business,they should contact the state government,if there is available land in any state,such state will give them ,and they will make an agreement with them.

“Livestock business is a private business of individuals and the federal government,should not use the Nations resources to build ranches for the Fulani’s.

“The statement that all lands belongs to fulani shows that they have a hidden agenda to dominate everywhere,and this can never be possible.

“So inorder to avoid crises which the proposed ranches the federal government would cause in the future,We are advising them against it now.

Nobody will cede an inch of yorubaland to anybody for ranches.

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