10 Year Old Girl Tortured By Supposedly Mother,Over N200 Theft.


instablog9ja-1530895388458-800x445.jpgUdeme Usen Etukudoh,a 10 year old girl who resides with her mother and stepfather was seriously totured by her supposedly mother over a N200 theft.

Udeme repeatedly said she was innocent,claiming that anytime money goes missing in the house,she was always been accused of stealing the money.

Aniedi Etim Akpan,udem’s mother,was  believed to have used a hot pressing iron on the little child,after she proceeded and tore her chin with a sharp long stick.udeme was struggling for her life when a neighbour Mr Itoro Bassey rescued her and took her to the pharmacy to clean her wounds and get some medications.

Udeme,later led Mr Bassey to his biological father,Usen Okon Etukudoh,who expalined that Udeme accepted to stay with her mother after their seperation.

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