A Living corpse Resurrected At Mercyland Deliverance Ministry.


It was indeed a ground shaking miracle, at Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry(CMDM)A.K.A Arena of solution and power,where miracles are born,made and performed with great signs and wonders.

Miss ofodile Ngozi,from Anambra state,who has lived in pains and agony as a result of her ailment which she has suffered for years,she looked so pale and weak,her skin were gradually peeling off,people who knew her waited to hear of her death,but God healed her through Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin.


Ngozi was brought out during a church service on 11th june 2017  by the church ushers,as ordered by prophet Fufeyin,who cried unto God and God  answered,the prophet gave her water from the pool of bethsaida to drink and sprinkled some all over her body,and covered her body with double grace on assignment T shirt.suprisingly,she started getting her strength back,and was completely healed.Today Ofodile Ngozi is completely hale and hearty..

Indeed it was a great miracle…


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