All You Need To Know About Nigerian Customs Service (NCS)Recruitment.


The Management of the Nigerian Customs Service(NCS),has warned Nigerians to be aware of the activites of internet fraudsters,who advertises vacancies of the Nigeria customs Service.

According to Daily post,This was made known by the  Mr joseph Attah,the service public relations officer during his interview with the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN).He confirmed that the service was aware that internet fraudsters were on ground,utilizing the level of unemployment in the country to defraud people.He further stated that..

“I want Nigerians to know that customs is not recruiting currently,and we do not know how many times we have to say this.

“You see all sorts of advertisement on
recruitment on social media such as
replacement. I don’t know who one wants to replace,” Attah said.
“He said in para-military or military recruitment there was no word like replacement.
“According to him, when the Service recruits personnel, they go through a process of documentation after which they are given service numbers, trained and commissioned.
“You cannot replace anybody. We have arrested a number of internet fraudsters and even secured some convictions in 2017, yet people will not resist the temptation by these fraudsters.”
He further urged Nigerians to always be careful and always try to confirm any job advertisements they see online ,so as to avert been swindled of their hard earned money.

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