Lady Arrested For Stealing A 19 Days Old Baby.

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A 19 days old David Adebode  was allegdely stolen from her mother in Modakeke town in osun state on july 1 2018.

The suspected Bunmi Adebayo was arrested by the police at Orile-Imo village,in Ibafemi/Owode area of ogun state.

Bunmi Adebayo was allegedly married to her husband for the past ten(10) years without a child,some months back,Bunmi absconded from home with claims of being pregnant for her husband,9 months later,she called the husband telling him that she has delivered safely,after she had successfully stolen David from his mother at osun state.Bunmi’s husband was happy that the wife delivered but started suspecting her when she couldnt breasfeed or present David’s placenta.

However,Bunmi noticed her husband didnt really believe her story,ran away with little David,this prompted  the husband to report to the police about her sudden disapperance,The police later caught her at Orile-Imo village,where she was hiding with little David.

Bunmi,during interrogation accepted to have stolen the baby from his parents at Modakeke town..

Mr peter Oluwaseun Adebode,The father of th baby explained that Bunmi came into their house that fateful day to shade herself from the rain,when she took notice of his wife Eniola breastfeeding their child David.Bunmi further requested if she couldnt get an apartment where she could stay,and the couple offered to give her one room in their family house.Bunmi later disappered with the baby after falsefully tricking the parents to an Atm point indisguise of making a withdrawal before she escaped with the baby.

The state police clearly stated that the suspect will be charged to court after the police must have concluded a thorough investigation.


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