Aliko Dangote Reveals Why He Needs A New Wife.


Africa’s Most Richest Man,Aliko Dangote,made some revelations about himself,during an interview with David Piling in Financial Times lunch with FT.

Dangote stated his intrest in Arsenal football,His very busy schedules and also his religious life.

Dangote in his words to David Piling,

“I’m not getting any younger.Sixty years is no joke.But it doesnt make sense to go outside and get somebody if you dont have the time.

“Right now,things are really really very busy,because we have the refinery,we have the Petrochemicals,we have the fertilizer,we have the gas pipeline”.

He further explains that he always try to fast atleast once a week,adding that it helps clear your system.He also talked about his $12b refinery “For the first time in histroy,Nigeria will be the largest exporter of petroluem products in Africa”.

He also talkes about his love for Arsenal football”i love Arsenal,and would definitely go for it”its worth should be $2bn “When i buy it,i have to bring it up to the expectations of our supporters.once i have finished with that headache(refinery project),i will take on football”

On those against his dreams,he said”you can’t just come and remove food from their table,and think they are just going to watch you doing it”.

“They will try all sorts of tricks,this is a very very tough society,only the toughest of the tough survives here”

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