Muslim Cleric(Alfa)Rapes Girl For Spiritual Cleansing.

images (7).jpeg

A muslim cleric named Mustapha Ahmed was recently arrested by the lagos state police command,over Raping a student in diguise of getting her spiritually cleansed.

Ahmed,falsely prophesied to the victim that death was hovering all over her,and that she was going to die after 24 hours if a spiritual cleansing wasnt performed on her to avert the death.The victim innocently accepted Ahmed prophesy,and for fear of losing her life opted to do the spiritual cleansing.

Ahmed allegedly took her to ikorodu part of lagos and raped her in disguise of the spiritual cleansing.

However,Ahmed was apprehended by the police,and upon interrogation accepted to have committed the act.He explaines that his girlfriend visited him with the victim oneday for consultation,when he saw her,he liked her and wished to be with her.few days later,Ahmed told her he saw a vision on her,and that there is a serious need to do a spiritual cleansing before 24 hours inorder to save her life.she accepted and i took her to ikorodu area from Bariga.

“i ordered her to pray and bath three times,she did as directed,but on her second bath,i secretly hid a frog in her water,and when she saw it she ran out of the bathroom,I further explained to her that seeing the frog was a very bad sign,and she needed to sleep with a man to complete the cleansing.she hurriedly asked me to sleep with her because she confirmed her boyfriend was out of town.i finally had my way and slept with her.

According to the police spokesman,he urged parents to be watchful of their children inorder to avoid further rape cases,He further confirnmmed that the suspect will soon be charged to court.



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