The Independent National Electoral Commission has recently recorded  about 7 million uncollected permanent  voters cards(PVC)in the country.

The 2019 general election, said to kick off in about 6 months time,has left the INEC into serious worries over the 7 million uncollected permanent voters card(PVC).The PVC serving as the only legal document that eligible voters can use to exercise their Franchise,and be able to elect the candidate of their choice in the coming 2019 general election.

The permanent Voters card possesses enormous responsibility to its users ,which primarily gives the owner the right to vote wisely and choose a representative and also a means of identification which equals to the international identity card or the driver license in the country.

However,whatever could have posed the reason behind such negligence in collecting the cards,which is also believed to be a clear reflection of the attitude of people to elections generally,a situation which greatly fosters the Emergence of people whose only reason of assuming a public office is to loot and plunder  the public treasury.

By this,Nigerians who registered for the their PVC’s are  obliged to go and pick up  their  permanent voters card, and get ready to vote and  participate fully in the 2019 general election.

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