I Enjoy Having Sex With Cows,Because Girls Could Infect Me With HIV


29 year old john Mwaura,from Bahatu,Nakuru Kenya,was allegedly caught pants down after he successfully sneaked into the compound to engage in the unnatural act with a neighbour’s cow.

John,on being pressed by the locals, confessed of having commited the act,adding that this was the fifth cow he had accosted sexually.

“It’s not my first time,i have had sex with four other  cows in Ndunduri and Wanyororo.i am pleading for mercy, he said.

The alleged owner of the cow,who had gone to the farm to harvest her crops,came back and saw the man unzipping his pair of trouser and descended on him stones,blows and sticks.

John pleaded”Dont kill me, let me surrender my piece of land to pay for the cow.i have always have sex with cows whenever I feel like,because I fear girl might infect me with HIV”

John further,added that he was still a bachelor,and acted because he was overwhelmed by the urge to have sex.

He pleaded guilty to the offense in court,before Nakuru chief Magistrate Josephat Kalo.the case will however be mentioned again on July 26 2018.

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