40 year Old Man,Butchers Mother In Anambra State.

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Mrs Bene Ikegwuonwu,of  Okpunoeze Village,Uraugu community of Nnewi, was murdered on Wednesday morning by her 40 year old son Chinedu Ikegwuonwwu in their family house.

A Misunderstanding was believed to have ensued between the duo over a parcel of land which was alleged to have belong to his younger brother .

According to a witness,Mrs Bene was alleged to be cooking at about 8:am on Wednesday morning,when her son quietly approached her from the back and slashed her throat with a machete.

Chinedu was later reported to have fled from the house immediately after the incident, abandoning his  wife and child.

Information from a close family relative explained that Chinedu returned to the village,following news of his failed business in Aba,Abia state, and upon his return has always been on constant  combat with his mother over his younger brother’s parcel of land. the source continued..

“The woman gave Chinedu some money to raise the foundation of his building because he was unable to do anything about it after a year and half.

“She even went to the extent of taking money from her late daughter’s bank account for the suspect to complete his building after which he then turned around to take over a portion of land belonging to his younger brother”

The state police public relations spokesman, Haruna Mohammed,confirmed the incident,stating that the police has begun investigations, and are on the look out for the suspect.

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