Nigerian Man Kills Lover Over Condom

images (5).jpeg

Mrs Gladys okoh, a 38 year old mother of there was reportedly killed by her 46 year old lover,Mr Osaremwinda Omobude Idumwonyi,for having a condom in her handbag .

According to reports,Gladys was alleged to have visited her lover the previous night before the incident occurred at deceased apartment at Ehiyoba Street, off Aifuwa Street, off the main road of Sokponba Benin,Edo state.

Mr Osaremwinda,was alleged to have discovered some unused condoms in his lovers bag,and after a heated argument, stabbed Gladys three times.Gladys was immediately rushed to the hospital where she died few days later.

Osaremwinda,was arrested by the police and upon interrogation,confessed to have stabbed Gladys in self defense. He explained that a serious argument had ensued between them after he found a condom in Gladys’s handbag and during the argument,  she rushed and grabbed a kitchen knife in attempt to stab him,he overpowered her and unknowingly stabbed her three times in the process.he further stated that he immediately rushed Gladys to the hospital,where she died few days later as a result of the injuries sustained.


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