Cee c Gets An Acid Bath Threat From A Tolex Fan


IMG_20180807_163051_517.JPGEx Bbn Housemate Cynthia Nwadiora popularly known as Ceec has allegedly received a scary threat from Alex and Tobi’sFan.

Cynthia,alleged to have received an email from Greg Conway,threatening to pour acid on her and make her life miserable ..

“since you won’t tell your fellow bit Te t fans to stop trolling Alex and Tobi,i will teach you a lesson you will never forget in your life.you are a bitter short witch.Tobi has moved on from you,ypu should do same.it’s not by force.you pay people to troll them everyday.i know where you live and I will fuck you up.Be prepared.Anyway I see you am going to pour acid on your face.As a scar you will never forget in your life. I won’t kill you but I will bath your face with acid”.

The misunderstanding between the duo was believed to have started on the big brother house,after Tobi and Alex became close following their merge as strategic patners.

The fans of the two ladies have continuously trolled the Ladies physically and on social media.



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