Senators And Reps Finally Allowed To Enter The House Of Assembly.


Some senators and house of assembly staffs who were recently barricaded from the entering the National Assembly have been allowed inside the premises.

Senator Kabir Ibrahim explained that

“I got to the gate five minutes to seven. There were masked DSS men there and the Nigeria Police, he said.

“But we are in now and waiting for our colleagues. They (security agents) gave us a condition.

“They said the building will be open by 9:00am and that they have a list that contains those (lawmakers) that will be allowed to go in”.

According to reports,the leader of the masked SSS team at the entrance of the National Assembly said the siege “Was An Order From Above”

“We need more guns, send us more guns,” the officer, who wore no name tag, the Officer shouted.

The siege is however perceived as part of the plot to impeach the Senate President Bukola Saraki and his Deputy Ike Ekweremadu.


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