Gabonese Striker Confesses To Sleeping With His Aunt And Sister.


Shiva N’Zigou,a Gabonese  footballer, who plays as a striker for French club Saint-Nazaire has recently made a very shocking revelation about himself in a video released online stating how his mum was killed in a sprititual sacrifice and how he had sex with his aunt and sister.

N’Zigou played for Nantes and Reims in French top division between 2001 and 2005 and also represented Gabon.

The Gabonese striker made this shocking confession in a church in Gabon,stating that he had sexual intercourse with his aunt and sister,and also indulged in homosexual,were he had countless relationships with men, he also added that his mother was sacrificed by his father in order to facilitate his football career. N’Zigou also confessed to have lied about his age, adding that his parents subtracted five years from his real age and used for his passport before he became a pro  footballer.

He said: “I had [sexual] relations with my aunt.

“These relations happened again with my sister. I slept with my sister. I slept with a man. And I had another long-term relationship also with a man.”

N’Zigou,played 24 times for the Gabon National,and scored five goals. He also became the youngest to score at the AFCON,where he scored at the age of 16.


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