Ekiti Monarch Killer Confesses To Why He Stabbed The Oba.


Omoniyi Ademola, the mentally deranged man who was arrested by the police on Monday evening, for allegedly stabbing the Oba Gbadebo Ogunsakin,has made a shocking confession for killing the Oba.

Ademola, was reported to have walked into the palace on Monday morning,and stabbed the Oba,while he was leaving the palace after a council meeting.Ademola escaped into the forest after the incident,but was later arrested by the police on Monday evening.

Ademola, upon interrogation accepted committing the crime, adding that he stabbed the Oba,inorder to claim his right. He further stated that he was the Next person Nominated by the family to succeed the Oba,but the Oba has refused to allow him claim his throne.

Ademola added that”The Throne Didn’t belong to Oba Ogunsakin, because Last year the people of the Town declared the Position vacant”

The people,said the Oba was dead and nominated me to replace him, but he suddenly resurfaced again and robbed me of my Entitlement.

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