Boko Haram insurgents Raids Army Base, Kills 30 Soldiers.


30 Soldiers were reportedly killed,following an attack by Boko Haram insurgents at their military base.

According to reports,the insurgents were alleged to have invaded the military base, located in the North East,Near the Boarder between Nigeria and Niger.

Further reports  according to sources who spoke with AFP,confirmed that the soldiers attacked the army establishment at Zari Village, near the Northern axis of Borno state on Thursday.

An Anonymous military source while narrating the incident stated that “They came in large numbers in trucks, carrying heavy weapons and engaged soldiers in a battle that lasted for an hour.

“We lost at least 30 men.

“They overwhelmed the troops, who were forced to temporarily withdraw before reinforcements arrived.”

The Boko Haram Insurgents raided the whole Army base,stealing huge weapons and other military equipments, but were dislodged by a Fighter Jet which was deployed to the scene.

A Military officer who also spoke on the incident stated that “The terrorists also suffered heavy casualty from the bombardment”.

The insurgents,were believed to have attacked from Garunda village, where another military base was raided with 17 soldiers  killed and 14 seriously injured in a similar attack Earlier in August.

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