Angry Mob Attacks And Breaks Head Of PDP Chairman Over Zoning.


pdpp1.jpgSome Irate youths of Uyo,Akwa Ibom State,has on Tuesday angrily descended on the State’s chapter chairman of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) Mr Obot Essien.

According to Reports,The incident erupted after Mr Obot,during a function in the state stated that the House of Assembly seat was Zoned to the North Central.His statement was alleged to have angered the youths and they attacked him in protest  with broken bottles and stones.

Mr Obot,was immediately rushed to the hospital after the attack for immediate medical attention.

Reacting on the attack,the State PDP chairman expressed his displeasure over the attack in a press statement which read…

The State Chairman of the party, Obong Paul Ekpo has expressed great displeasure over the assault on the chapter chairman of Uruan Mr. Obot Essien, which we are reliably informed happened at a birthday party last night.

While we are still awaiting a full briefing as to the immediate and remote causes of that uncivilized action, we warn all party officials, aspirants, and their supporters to conduct all activities with decorum, conscious of the fact that their actions and or inactions can negatively affect the image of the party.

Henceforth, any act(s) of violence by aspirants or their supporters will receive heavy punitive measures.


Comrade Ini Ememobong
State Publicity Secretary
People’s Democratic Party, Akwa Ibom State.




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