APC Instituted Mass Killings In The Country -PDP

download (7).jpeg

The Chairman of Abia State Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) Chief Onuigbo Johnson, in his statement made it clear that the All Progressive Congress(APC)has over the years instituted mass killings in the country.

In his words, “Nigeria’s woes had compounded under the APC, pointing out that the governing party has failed abysmally in all facets of governance.”

“When PDP was in power, we never heard of Meiyetti ‘Allah but now cows move into Aso Rock. Nigerians said they needed change and the change has brought a bag of rice from N8000 to N20000. But in 2019, we must change the bad change”.

“Abia is not Ekiti. We know their plans to rig the election as they did in Ekiti but we will resist them. It cannot work here “

Onuigbo further added that  “Abia remains PDP’s stronghold, predicted victory for the party in 2019.”

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