Popular Nigerian Fraudster Arrested In Turkey.


OtunbaCash, a Nigerian alleged Fraudster and CEO of Istanbul Entertainment,has been arrested by the Turkish Police Department alongside his gang for an alleged $1.4m email fraud in Turkey.

According to reports,Danish police department notified the Turkish police in a letter on the 9th May 2018,via interpol,stating that an unauthorized access was made to the GM plast company’s email address,also adding that the company paid some huge amounts of money to some Turkish accounts.

Investigations however sprung up by the Turkish Cyber crime department,and the Turkish ED,ZI and N.M whose companies where used as fonts were arrested.further investigations revealed certain Nigerians whom were also involved in the technical and physical follow ups in the deal.

Emmanuel Aneke,A.k.A OtunbaCash was reportedly arrested in a Luxury Hotel alongside his gang members O.Poopola,AA Oyemade,AT Fajolu,and B. O Balogun in Bagcilar.
Emmanuel, was alleged to have hacked into email accounts of big companies that are into international trade,and subsequently cloned payment advises,and tricked companies into making payment to their font company accounts.

Meanwhile,during his arrest his Luxury car, 17 mobile phones, 15 SIM cards,3 flash memory, 4 computers ,1 memory card,$85k,€5k,5 Necklaces,3Bracelets, 2 rings,2 Handcuffs, 1 earring and a Rolex watch were confiscated during his arrest.




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