BREAKING:Nnamdi Kanu Gives Shocking Evidences To His Claims That The Man In Aso Rock Is Jubril Of Saudi Arabia And Not Buhari.


IMG_20181109_104652797.jpgNnamdi Kanu,the Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB)has recently given full and evident proofs as regards President Muhammadu Buhari’s impersonator Mal Jubril of Saudi Arabia.

Nnamdi Kanu,in his recent post on his twitter page stated that..

“Only a country populated by sub-humans will fail to recognise that Jubril is not Buhari.
“How come every government and intelligence agency in the world knows Buhari is dead but not Nigerians? The difference is clear!

“Look at his hands, shrunk & shrivelled (late Buhari) now compare to hand on 2nd pic. of younger (Jubril) the fake Buhari in Aso Rock.

“How can any right thinking person believe these two contrasting individuals is the same person. I weep for Africa”.

Nnamdi,laid further claims that President Muhammadu Buhari died and was long buried in Saudi Arabia,while gullible Nigerians has been deceived by the Imposter Jubril.

See Pictures Below👇


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