Breaking :Police Arrests Native Doctor And Five Others For Inserting Pepper Into A Girl’s Private Part In Edo State.



The Edo State Police Command,on Thursday,arrested a native doctor and five other guys for  torturing and inserting pepper into a girl’s private part for alleged phone theft.

According to reports,the Lady lodged in a hotel with a man who later claimed his phone went missing after their hot  night romp.

The man hurriedly dragged the lady to a native doctor,who declared her guilty of stealing the phone as directed by the oracle.the lady was continuously tortured when she denied the oracle’s allegations.

The native doctor was alleged to have proceeded to put hot pepper into the girl’s private part with the help of his apprentice and other guys.

The incident was recorded and uploaded on social media,the police on seeing the viral humiliating video launched a manhunt for the perpetrators and they were finally arrested on Thursday.Their arrest was facilitated following calls by the Abubakar Yesufu led league of patrotic lawyers,and other human rights groups,which served as a relief to the vexed members of the public.

However,in a statement released by the Police Public Relations Officer,Mr Frank Mba reads

“Two other male suspects are still at large. Efforts are being intensified to arrest them and bring all involved to justice. The Nigeria Police Force condemns jungle justice in its entirety and warns of dire consequences for persons who resort to criminal acts of self-help.

“The six male suspects arrested are Otoghile Joel (owner of the phone alleged to have been stolen by the young woman); Lucky Igbinovia, alias One Man Squad, in whose house the young woman was tortured; Edobor Osemwengie (Manager of Lafun Hotel); Kingsley Iyamu; Gregg Eweka and Friday Omorogbe.

“The Police have established contact with the victim, aged 24 years. Her health status and recovery rate are being monitored.”

While expressing the victory of the police force,The President of the League of Lawyers stated that

“The League commends Edo State government for giving marching orders to the various agencies to ensure that the culprits were apprehended.

“We also commend various women organisations which include but not limited to the International Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA, Women Arise, and Ethel Women Initiative.

“Worthy of special mention is Curtis Eghosa Ugbo of Benin Solidarity Movement. The victim, Ada Friday, 24, did not steal any phone.

“She refused the sexual overtures of the kingpin, who orchestrated the aforesaid missing phone and with the aid of a native doctor, he became the accuser and enforcer in chief of that sordid show of shame.

“With the arrest of these hoodlums, Ugbiyoko, Ekewan neighbourhoods of Edo State would now know peace. We have also spoken to the state government and have been reassured that all the suspects, including the native doctor, would have their day in court.”


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