Federal Government Finally Speaks On HND/BSC Dichotomy In The Nigerian Civil Service.



The Federal government has recently said that the contentious dichotomy in the placement of HND and BSC Holders in the Nigeria Federal Civil Service are yet to be abolised.

Speaking on this,The Head of Civil Service of the Federation(HOCSF) Mrs Winifred Oyo -Ita,at a press conference held in Abuja.Mrs Winifred presenting her three years scorecard explained that Nigerians have repeatedly misinterpreted the pronouncement made by the Federal Executive Council on the Contentious HND/BSC Dichotomy.

She further explained that the government are yet to abolish the dichotomy, as workers who hold the HND in the civil service may have to get an additional certificate to move to level 17,unlike the BSC counterparts.

“I think the issue of this HND and BSC Dichotomy came up at the last Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting. It is something a lot of people are still confused about and it should not be so.

“What was approved at FEC is that henceforth HND graduate who entered at the same level as degree holders will be on the same level at entry point in the civil service.

“The issue of where they stop will still remain at Grade Level 14 unless they are able to acquire additional relevant degrees that can now covert them to officer cadre. We have explained this severally, but when people hear that BSC–HND dichotomy has been cancelled, everyone was jumping for joy as if it is automatically that HND will get up to Grade Level 17 in the public service.

“The issue still remains that HND still have to convert after having acquired relevant degrees, to the officer grade,” Oyo-Ita said.

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