Ken Erics Ex Wife Finally Reveals How Their Marriage Crashed.


Nollywood veteran actor Ken Eric’s Two year old beautiful marriage which  had been alleged to have  gone sour over the past months,was recently confirmed by his wife Miss Onyi, Adaba.

Onyi,made this shocking revelation on Friday,via her Instagram verified account on how Ken moved out of their apartment ten months ago.recent rumors had it that the marriage had crashed after Ken discovered that his wife had a child before marriage.

Onyi,when contacted dismissed the rumors of her having a child outside the marriage,further stating that Ken was the reason their marriage crashed.

In her words…….

“I cannot talk now,but all I can say is that there was no child before the marriage,and there was no child after the marriage,they just want to soil my name,I swear on my unborn children that I don’t have any child.i have really suffered,I currently live in the Village, because there is nowhere else to go….since the wedding night until he moved out,Ken did not touch me,and I have only just found out the reason why he never touched me”.

She further explained that Ken woke her up on their wedding night and told her that he didnt want to get married initially,that he was a man alone,and so didn’t need a woman,and there was no need for the marriage.she cried and begged Ken but he refused and travelled back to the city,leaving her in the village.Onyi,stayed for some time and finally returned to her father’s house.All the while the marriage lasted,she never saw Ken’s nakedness and the night she tried to seduce him after being sexually starved for a while,she got the beating of her life.


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