UK Re-Introduce Two Years Working Visa For International Students.


The UK prime minister Boris Johnson,has announced the return of the two years post study work visa for international students.

The New immigration route which was announced on Wednesday means that graduates in any subjects will once again be able to stay in UK to find a job immediately after their graduation.

While the previous international students currently running their bachelor’s degree and masters have only four months to work after their graduation.

The New immigration route will be available to International Students who have successfully completed a course in any subjects at undergraduate level or a higher level at a Higher Education provider,which has a proven track records of upholding immigration checks and other rules in studying in the UK.

However,students will need to have a tier 4 leave,at the point the route is introduced.This includes students  who start courses in 2020/21 at undergraduate level or above.

The New Route also enables eligible students to work or look for work,at any skill level for a period of two years after graduation before needing to convert to another visa,or leaving the country.

Earlier in 2011,Theresa May,when home Secretary,abolished the two years post study work visa that had made Britain and attractive place for international students,saying it was ‘too generous’.That led to a sharp drop in students going to Britain for studies.


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