“I Never Felt Bad Killing All Those People”-Female Member Of Dreaded Eiye Confraternity Confesses.



20 year old Mariam Abiola, confessed to being a sniper of the dreaded confraternity  in Lagos known as “Eiye”.

Mariam,who was apprehended alongside 3 of her gang members on Monday morning,confessed to how he killed four rival gang members in Ilasamaja area of Lagos State,she confessed to have  carried out her operations of killing people successfully with the help of her Hijab, which she always wore during each operation.

Mariam admitted to have dropped out of school In her SS3,adding that she absconded from her parents house in Abeokuta,Ogun state,when she was 15 years,to come to Lagos state in search of work. There she met one of her gang member by name Wasiu,who she has  been living with.  she was  later introduced to another member of the gang,Sadiq,who briefed her about the  need for her to fully blend into the system and also taught her how to use a gun.

Mariam,further narrated that she learnt how to fire a gun accurately after three trainings.we have a herbalist who always prepared charms for us,before we embark in any operation. The charms always aided us,to make the neighbours fall into a deep sleep,until we complete our operations.

Anytime I was going to kill,sadiq would give me the person’s picture,and text the person’s address to my phone, I always wore a white male flowing gown,and white hijab, whenever we were going to kill any rival member.

We always went in group of four,including Wasiu and Segun. the gun was always tucked into my white flowing gown.on getting to the victim’s house, which is usually at night, other members will jump the fence and open the gate for me to enter.

I would enter and shoot the person in the head and chest, before leaving there, After each killing, sadiq,would pay me N10,000,and N20,000 to other five gang members.i had struck at Fabiyi,Hassan and Aje street, and another street, all in ilasamaja.

“I Never Felt Bad Killing All Those People”.